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Things that are black

I found this set of CNAME records in a DNS zonefile (which shall remain anonymous, to protect the innocent comedian behind this).

Bonus points to you, anonymous hostmaster, if these actually serve a purpose.

black4       CNAME    body
black5       CNAME    box
black7       CNAME    cloud
black11      CNAME    kettle
black14      CNAME    penny
black15      CNAME    pitch
black16      CNAME    pot
black17      CNAME    pudding
black18      CNAME    rod
black19      CNAME    sheep
black20      CNAME    tie
black21      CNAME    velvet
black22      CNAME    watch
black23      CNAME    widow
black25      CNAME    bean
black28      CNAME    comedy
black30      CNAME    decker
black31      CNAME    eye
black38      CNAME    narcissus
black39      CNAME    out
black42      CNAME    smith
black43      CNAME    spot
black44      CNAME    white
black76      CNAME    menin
black77      CNAME    paint
black78      CNAME    prince
black79      CNAME    raven
black80      CNAME    squirrel
black81      CNAME    swan
black82      CNAME    tan
black86      CNAME    all
black93      CNAME    bourton
black112     CNAME    fly
black113     CNAME    heddon
black118     CNAME    quartz
black119     CNAME    shirt
black120     CNAME    shoes